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Support your Pet Community by becoming a FluffyBuddy

Become a FluffyBuddy by signing up for our $10 monthly recurring donations using Paypal. It’s safe, secure, simple, and automatic. Use the Paypal Subscription buttons to securely signup. You can cancel your monthly donations at any time through your Paypal account.

Monthly contributions and donations will be used specifically to assist in the further development of Fluffygrams key features that our users expect. Your support will help cultivate an even more enjoyable environment for socializing with other pet owners using features like Chat / Messenger,  Videos, Filters, Hashtags, Getting Verified, Multi-image/video posting, Stickers, and Stories

As the community grows so does our combined buying power. This will provide Fluffygram members more access to products and services well below retail price and negotiation leverage.

No more hopping from platform to platform. Together we can build a home big enough to fit all pet lovers under one pet-friendly roof. Providing an opportunity for collective benefits due to the size of our community.

Please remember, members keep this community afloat by financially supporting the community.

Fluffygram thanks you for your Support!

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