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A place dedicated to supporting its community of pet owners and their animal families.

Follow The Money

Fluffygram’s founder Alexander Acuna has created a revolutionary New concept… a Pet Social Media Community-based sharing platform that would be accountable to its users. This commitment is built into how the platform functions, as a mechanism designed to serve that very community.

Thus far Alex has invested over $150,000 of his company (National Drug Card LLC.) money, plus his time and energy to make this creative new platform possible.

As Fluffygram opens up to receive memberships and donations, he is determined to give you the same respect and honest accounting that he would demand himself.

Fluffygram a global pet community that is financially supported by its users, who can be assured of how that support is being allocated. Full earnings go back into the maintenance and development of the platform and in support of its Pet community. The Declaration was written to protect the interest of the supporting members, guarding against the potential greed of future stakeholders, or any attempt to sell or transfer the resources to an outside entity.

As supporting members, you are the primary stakeholders. And as such you will always be able to Follow the Money, and be assured of how your donations and membership subscriptions are being allocated.

Please review the financial chart, which gets updated every month and watch the accompanying video that explains and updates you on “ Where Your Money Goes.”


Our Declaration

Alexander Acuna financier and creator has donated the Fluffygram Pet Social Media Platform to its members/users. 100% of the money donated to the Fluffygram community will go towards the building and maintenance of the community and achieving all of its goals.

Fluffygram platform will be legally always 51% majority stakeholder.

All financials will be reported monthly on the website on the Follow the Money page, showing all transactions with full Accountability and Transparency.

After Wish List features are added to the platform, Ownership will be entitled to 1/3 profit after net operation cost, which leaves 2/3 profit for Fluffygram Community to use in their endeavors.

All promises made by Alexander Acuna owner shall be part of the legal record and be accountable by the Fluffygram community. 100% of my promises are held by my belief in God and shall be judged by our Creator!

Past Reports and Analytics

Fluffygram  Monthly transactions showing full Accountability and Transparency

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